#49 beHappyfm House Chart July 2019

1. Mirko & Meex - That's The Way (Original Mix)

2. Miguel Migs, Aya, Micky More, Andy Tee - So Far (Micky More & Andy Tee Remix)

3. Michele Chiavarini, Andre Espeut - Caught Up (Original Mix)

4. Michele Chiavarini, Andre Espeut - You Are All I Need (Main Mix)

5. Angela Gooden, DJ Umbi, Soulbridge - Doin' It On My Own (DJ Umbi & Soulbridge Mix)

6. Fam Disco, Heather Gayle, Soulbridge - Come My Way (Soulbridge Spring's Mix)

7. Livio Mode, Massimo Barri, Pete Simpson, Soulbridge - Give Me Hope (Soulbridge Remix)

8. Soulcall, Ms Lil, Soulbridge - Live My Life (Soulbridge Summer Mix)

9. Roby Arduini, Pagany feat. Joy Malcolm 2011 Vocal - Love What You Feel (2011 Vocal)

10 . Fonda Rae - Over Like A Fat Rat (Jazz N Groove Classic Mix)

#48 beHappyfm House Chart Juni 2019

1. The Doggett Brothers, Laura Jackson, Mark Di Meo - Lover (Mark Di Meo Remix)

2. Steven Stone, Pete Simpson, Mark Di Meo - Time To Change (Mark Di Meo Remix)

3. Thomas Brenner, Natasha Watts, DJ Spen, Reelsoul - Going Under (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix)

4. Thomas Brenner, Asia Yarwood, Reelsoul - Beautiful Life (Reelsoul Remix)

5. Soulbridge, Curtis Clark - My Joy (Original Mix)

6. Newman (UK), Kathy Brown, Dave Anthony, Michele Chiavarini - Where Do We Go (From Here) (Michele Chiavarini Remix)

7. Mario Marques, Lee Taylor - Stronger (Original Vocal Mix)

8. Guido P, Dana Weaver - I'm Ready (Original Mix)

9. Walter G, Neil Pierce - Comeback (Neil Pierce Rework)

10. Sartorial, Simon Kennedy - You Lost Me (Main Mix)

#47 beHappyfm House Chart Mai 2019

1. Richard Earnshaw, Micky More, Andy Tee - Feel Love (Micky More & Andy Tee Jazzy Mix)

2. Federico D'Alessio, Rona Ray - Running Away (Original Mix)

3. Soneec - I Believe (Chrissman Remix)  

4. Federico D'Alessio, Aly-Us - It's Beautiful (Main)

5. Federico D'Alessio, Mark Di Meo - Son Of The Stars (Mark Di Meo Remix)

6. Clementson, Mark Di Meo - In The Name Of Jazz (Mark Di Meo Remix)

7. Careless Whisper, George Michael, Kenny Carpenter - MADSAX- Rainbow Mix03 (Promo)

8. Papik, The Soultrend Orchestra, Eric Kupper - Touch the Sky (Eric Kupper Remix)

9. Kobretti & Roz Brown - After Midnight (ThomChris Jazz In The Soulful Remix)

10. Chrissman - Could It Be (Original Club House Mix)


#46 beHappyfm House Chart April 2019

1. Souxsoul - Everyday (Original Mix)

2. Mousse T. feat. Cleah - Melodie (Mousse T's Extended Disco Shizzle Remix) 

3. Rob Hayes - Do It Right (Original Mix)

4. Madji'k - Always There (Revisited Disco Mix)

5. Seamus Haji, Mekkah, Richard Earnshaw - Race Of Survival (Richard Earnshaw Extended ReVibe)

6. Emanon, Norty Cotto - Did My Best (Norty Dub Sample Mix)

7. Jazzy Rossco - Is It You (Original Mix)

8. Reverendos Of Soul, Kareem Shabazz, White Soul Project - It's Over Now (White Soul Project Remix)

9. Funkatron - Imagination (Original Mix)

10. DJ James Ingram - Shame On U (Original Mix)

11. Moodymanc - Joy (Original Mix)


Groovefinder´s Mix Dj Patrick Dudek & Lady BB

1. Lifford Shillingford, Brian Power - Time After Time Feat. Lifford (Vocal)
2. Soulplate, Gerard John, Lisa Kekaula, DJ Meme - Best in Me (DJ Meme Classic Disco Extravaganza)
3. DJ Dimi, Tanya Michelle - To Give (The Funklovers & Domenico Albanese Soulful Mix)
4. Dj Pope, Jocelyn Matheieu, Alex Finkin -Ma Ma Warn Me (Alex Finkin's Summer Jam Vocal)
5. Submantra, DJ Umbi, Jo Di Risio - So Good (Soulful Mix Edit)
6. Candi Staton, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper - Hallelujah Anyway (Director's Cut Signature Praise)
7. Shane D - Another Star (Classic Club Mix)
8. Jonny Montana, Craig Stewart, Dawn Tallman - Find Strength (Original Beat Intro Mix)
9. Steven Stone, Pete Simpson, Soulbridge - Time To Change (Soulbridge Classic Mix)
10. Antoine Clamaran, Lulu Hughes - Feel It (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
11. Daniele Baldi - It's Over (Original Mix)
12. Giulio Bonaccio, Aaron K. Gray, Tony Loreto - David Dance (Tony Loreto Remix)



#45 beHappyfm House Chart January 2019

1. Alex Millet, Cinnamon Brown, Rightside - It's A Shame (Rightside Remix)

2. Sheldon So Goode, Reelsoul - I Want You (Reelsoul Remix) 

3. Stephanie Cooke & Diephuis feat. Han Litz - Beautiful Life (Reelsoul Main Remix) 

4. Soulista, Rona Ray, Terry Hunter - Love Yourself (Terry Hunter Main Club Mix)

5. Beat Rivals, Ms Swaby - I Know (Vocal Mix)

6. Maxdal, Roy Picone, B.Grace - Strong Enough (Original Mix) 

7. Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco - Josephine (Rightside & Mark Di Meo Remix)

8. Kai Djuric, Phil D, Mark Di Meo - Almost Blue (Mark Di Meo Remix) 

9. Disciples Of Phunk, DJ Disciple, Michele Chiavarini - I Want It Right (Orignal Mix)

10. Chip E, The It, Stacy Kidd - Donnie (Stacy Kidd House 4 Life Remix)



#44 beHappyfm House Chart Oktober 2018

1. Sean McCabe, Nathan Adams - I Wonder (Original Mix)

2. Sean McCabe, Hanlei - Now Is The Time (Sean McCabe Main Vocal)

3. Mistura, Kendra Cash, Joey Negro - Smile (Joey Negro Club Mix)  

4. Soul Groove, Andrea Erre, Tommie Cotton - No Rules (Original Mix)

5. Daniel Pearce - Suddenly Loving (Vocal Mix)

6. Dave Anthony, Lisa Millett, Richard Earnshaw - This Time Baby (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

7. Reel People, Tony Momrelle, Kyoto Jazz Massive - It Will Be  (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)

8. Ralf Gum feat. Monique Bingham - Kissing Strangers (Ralf Gum & Crisp Original Mix)

9. Feelosophy, Shane D - Where Has Love Been (WHLB) (Shane D Remix)

10. Soulbridge, Ms Lil - Can't Stop Loving You (Original Mix)



#43 beHappyfm House Chart September 2018

1. Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll - Back Together (Director’s Cut Classic Club Mix)

2. Dihann Moore, Steve Franceschi - Fallin Deep In Love (Matt Early Remix)

3. Grant Nelson - The Sound (Matt Early Remix)

4. DJ James Ingram, Sheree Hicks - Easy Lovin' (Original Mix)  

5. Andrew De La Foix, Angela Johnson - Royal (Extended Vocal)  

6. Takanori, Stephanie Cooke - Your Place (Original Mix) 

7. Silvia Olari, Antonello Ferrari - Pure Joy (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Classic Mix) 

8. Mijangos, Luis Elorza - Into the Philly Sound (Original Mix)

9. Random Soul - Flying (Original Instrumental Traxsource Exclusive!)  

10. Mannix, Andre Espeut - Turn The Light On (Mannix Main Vocal Mix) 

#42 beHappyfm House Chart August 2018

1. Rob Hayes - Starlight (Original Mix)

2. Gy Fos - The Wind (Original Mix)

3. Mark Di Meo - A Gentleman’s Song FK (Mark Di Meo Soulful Mix)

4. Gianni Bini, The Rituals, Seamus Haji - Sun Goes Down (Seamus Haji Remix)

5. Sue Avenue - Hermeto (Original Mix)

6. Walter G, Mark Di Meo - Already Over (Mark Di Meo Jazz Mix)

7. Ron Hall & The MuthaFunkaz - The Way You Love Me (feat. Marc Evans) [Dr Packer Extended Remix]

8. Jamie Lewis, Michelle Weeks, Mannix - The Light (Mannix Remix)

9. Luciano Gioia, Mannix - Raw Flute (Mannix Balearic Disco Vibe)

10. Kathy Brown, Warren Clarke - Get Another Love (Warren Clarke Club Mix)



#41 beHappyfm House Chart July 2018

1. Jon Fernandez, Josiah Ruff - Perfect (Original Mix)

2. Danny Clark, Nicole Mitchell - Optimistic (Vocal Mix)

3. Danny Clark, Jay Benham, SuSu Bobien - More Than Enough (Danny Clark 2018 Remix)

4. Soledrifter, Ryan Holliday, Eric Jadi, Richard Earnshaw - Turn Away (Earnshaw V Jadi Re-Edit)

5. EmKayBe, Ann Nesby, Reelsoul - Jam (Reelsoul Extended Vocal Remix)

6. Ray Paxon, Syb, Thomas Brenner - Never Give Up On Hope (Thomas Brenner Remix)

7. MAQman, Selina Campbell, Reelsoul - Vibe On (Reelsoul Remix)

8. Deep Xcape, Mpho, Kelvin Sylvester - Toinght (Vibe Boutique Vocal Mix)

9. Typheni - Is It Love (Original Mix)

10. Cafe 432, Arnold Jarvis - From Above (Extended Classic Club Mix) 



#40 beHappyfm House Chart June 2018

1. Dolls Combers, Lavonz - Shape of My Heart (Dolls Combers Extended Mix)

2. Dolls Combers - Don'y You Ever Wonder Why feat. Dana Byrd (Original Mix)

3. Nathan Haines, Shelley Nelson, The Layabouts - Believe (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)

4. Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe - MY TRUTH (Groove N' Soul Truth Mix)

5. Domenico Albanese, Samantha Duru - Come My Way (Original Mix)

6. Soulbridge, Chantal - Love (Original Mix)

7. Andrea Erre, DJ Pierre, Richelle Hicks, FAM Disco - Beautiful Love (Fam Disco Club Mix)

8. Dave Anthony, Kathy Brown, Risk Assessment - I Had Enough (Risk Assessment Back to 94 Remix) 

9. Livio Mode, Tommie Cotton - Because of Your Love (Mike Belmondo & Paul Venice Remix) 

10. Livio Mode, Massimo Barri, Pete Simpson - Give Me Hope (Original Mix)

#39 beHappyfm House Chart Mai 2018

1. DJ Meme Orchestra, Tracey K. - Love Is You (Original Disco Mix)

2. Masters At Work, India - Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix)

3. Andrea Carissimi, Orlando Johnson - Lose My Mind (Andrea Carissimi Soul Mix)

4. Azania - (Make it Real) Matteo’S Digital funk 

5. Tony Moran - You're Good for Me (Lucius Lowe Remix)

6. DJ Squeeze, Plage, Annie Sollange - Music Is Love (Original Mix)

7. Mix2inside - My Best Thing (Wmc Remixes) (feat. Joyce Elaine Yuille) - M Sol Main Vocal Remix 

8. Mix2inside - Where is the Love (feat. Carolyn Brown) - Soulful Luxuri Mix2inside Reworked 

9. Michele Chiavarini, Cheryl Porter - I'm So Alive (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Club Mix)

10. The Soulband Project, Thomchris, Muzikfabrik - You're With Me (Original Mix)

#38 beHappyfm House Chart April 2018

1. Andrea Carissimi Soul Project - Brand New Day (Original Mix)

2. Mark Di Meo, Laura Jackson - Far From Me

3. Paolo Faz, Mara J Boston - Magic Love (Original Mix)

4. Groove Junkies, Opolopo, Solara - WE RISE (GJs & Opolopo Main Mix)

5. Thomchris, Jeremy Bass, Rio Dela Duna - Imagination (Jeremy Bass & Rio Dela Duna Remix)

6. Husky, Nat Conway - Can't Shake It Off (Mark Di Meo SoulDub) 

7. Aldo Bergamasco, Karla Brown - Stand (Original Mix)

8. Aldo Bergamasco, Karla Brown - Slap My Biscuit! (Classic Mix)

9. Muzikfabrik, ThomChris - People Are People (Original Mix)

10. Mannix - Good Lovin' Is Good Livin' (CMS Master)

#37 beHappyfm House Chart March 2018

1. George Lesley, GenotheFuture, Tumi, Doug Gomez - My Lady (Doug Gomez Back To NYC Remix)

2. Blizzard Beats, Keisha Hall - Free (Deep Fusion Mix)

3. Earl TuTu, John Khan, Asia Yarwood - New Faith (Original Mix)

4. The Love Club - Something About You (Steven Stone Remix)

5. Vickie Ryan, Corey Holmes, Jonny Montana - Believe In Yourself (Classic House Vox Remix)

6. MuSol, Central Avenue, Pete Simpson, Natasha Watts - I Believe (Central Avenue Soulful Remix)

7. Disco Incorporated - Freedom (Good Vibes Mix)

8. Namy, Tracy Hamlin, Terry Hunter - Love Yourself (Terry Hunter T's Club Mix)

9. Kentrell, Terry Hunter - In The Middle (Terry Hunter Club Mix)

10. Ralphi Rosario feat. Donna Blakely - Cold (Terry Hunter Club Remix) (feat. Donna Blakely)

#36 beHappyfm House Chart Februar 2018

1. KPD, Ondagroove, Josephine Sweett - All Night with U (Guido P HSR Remix)

2. Soulbridge, Deli Rowe - Do For Love (Original Mix)

3. Soulbridge, Rachael Calladine, Soul Groove - State Of Mind (Soul Groove Mix)

4. Newman (UK), Neresa Maye - Now or Never (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Alternative Remix)

5. Suff Sakoor feat. Anna Marie Johnson - Rise Up (Original Mix) 

6. Holmes Ives, Avalon Frost, Richard Earnshaw - 8 Letters (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

7. Frank Iengo - Under The Sun feat. Noelle (Guitardalex Remix)

8. Antonello Ferrari, Dawn Tallman - Beautiful View (Antonello Ferrari Main Mix)

9. Thomchris - Make My Day (Original Mix)

10. Michele Chiavarini, Antonello Ferrari - I'm So Alive ( Extravaganza Club Instrumental Mix)



#35 beHappyfm House Chart January 2018

1. Ralphi Rosario, Xaviera Gold, Spiritchaser - You Used To Hold Me (Spiritchaser Vocal Mix)
2. YANN!CK - Home (Original Mix)
3. DJ Meme, Bazzo Ruthel - Milagro (Original Mix)
4. Swing Kings - Why (Original Mix)
5. Swing Kings - Get Into The Groove (Original Mix)
6. Palamino - Oh My! (Morten Trust Remix)
7. Muzikfabrik - Slepp (ThomChris Remix)
8. Raw Essence, Cleptomaniacs - Do You Love What You Feel (Cleptomaniacs 4 The Heads Mix)
9. Jetlag - So Right (Axwell & BT's Essence Dub)
10. CeCe Peniston - I'm Feelin' U (Ron Carroll's Original BMC Vocal)
11. Shakedown - At Night (Jazz-N-Groove Prime Time Remix)



#34 beHappyfm House Chart Dezember 2017

1. Groove Assassin - Baby Baby

2. The Soultrend Orchestra, Frankie Pearl, Mark Di Meo - Shiver (Mark Di Meo Remix)

3. Knox, Shumocka ShuVance - Cry Baby (Knox & Wozniak Mix)

4. Rhemi - We've Had Enough (The Remixes) [The Journey Men Remix] [feat. Shezar]

5. Deepstar - Sugar (featuring Donna Allen) (Sugar Vocal)

6. Souled, Ashley Thomas, Groove Delivers - Cultureless (Groove Delivers Vocal Mix)

7. Guido P, Mara J Boston, Soulbr - Let Me Feel Your Love (Soulbridge Mix)

8. JoioDJ - Say Yes, Take My Hands feat. D'bra Powell (F & B Mix)

9. Lorenzo Spano - You Said (Original Mix)

10. Jay Vegas - Make A Livin' (Original Mix)

11. Prospect Park, DJ Fudge - Till You Surrender (DJ Fudge Disco Mix)

#33 beHappyfm House Chart November 2017

1. Louie Vega - Gimme Some Love (feat. Vikter Duplaix) [Sean McCabe Remix with Piano]
2. July - Mood (Booker T Soulful Mix)
3. Tri-Funk, M. Caporale - No Strings (M. Caporale Soul Remix)
4. Andy Caldwell - Keepin Love Alive
5. Moon Rocket, Re-Tide, Bel-Ami - Mosquito's Tweeter
6. Deft Bonz, Simon Green - Music Makes The World Go Round (Original)
7. Sterling Void, Robert Bond, Geneva, Eric Kupper - So Beautiful (Eric Kupper Remix)
8. Leroy Burgess & Kenny Carpenter - More Love (KC Vox Mix) 
9. Ross Couch - Life Is Like That
10. Palamino, Mark Di Meo - Oh My! (Mark Di Meo Remix)
11. Crackazat - What You're Feeling

#32 beHappyfm House Chart Oktober 2017

1. Groove Assassin - Lonely
2. Angie Fisher - Queen (Main)
3. Vittorio Santorelli, Cinnamon Brown, Kings Of Soul - Give It Up (Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix)
4. Emmaculate, Kaye Fox, Terry Hunter - Do It (Terry Hunter Main Mix)
5. Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Mija - From Within (Reelsoul & Groove)
6. Newman, Stephanie Cooke, Groove Assassin - Feels Like Love (Groove Assassin Remix)
7. Andy Tee, Danny Losito, Kareem Shabazz - Spend Some Time (Micky More Deep Mix)
8. Rightside, Maria Marcial, Shane D - TKL (This Kind of Love) (Shane D Remix)
9. Groove Assassin - No Drama
10. Rhemi, Ilana Lorraine - Feel Me (Original Mix)
11. Kai Djuric - Endless Dreams (DJ Fudge Remix)

#31 beHappyfm House Chart September 2017

1. Distant People, Patrick Chappell, Muthafunkaz - Just Sing (MuthaFunkaz Remix)
2. Rhemi, Leon Dorrill - Rhemi Ft Leon Dorrill - In The Sky (Main Mix)
3. Groove Assassin - Carried Away
4. Rhemi, Nicole Mitchell - Tired (Rhemi Classic Mix)
5. Mario Bianco, Master Polo, The Blue Gospel Singers - Raise It Up (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)
6. Cafe 432, Marcelle Duprey - Waste My Time (Cafe 432 Bump Mix)
7. Jonny Montana, Craig Stewart, Dale Nortier, Kiki Kyte - Breathe (Original Mix)
8. Soulplate, Gerard John, Lisa Kekaula - Best in Me (Soulplate Club Mix)
9. Seb Skalski, Masta P, Michelle Weeks - Let's Get Together (Original Album Mix)
10. Bollo, Susie Palmer - I'm Burning
11. Soulmagic & Terri B! - Good Love



#30 beHappyfm House Chart August 2017 

1. JoioDJ, Wondress - Music (Earl Tutu & John Khan Smooth Groove Mix)

2. Faith Howard, Ondagroove - All Of My Love (Ondagroove Dub Mix)

3. Steven Stone, Pete Simpson - Time To Change (Original)

4. Clare Conlon, DJ Queen B - Keep Looking At Me (DJ Spen, Earl Tutu, & John Khan Remix)

5. Distant People - Too Good (feat. Jessante)

6. Demarkus Lewis - Baking With Anita

7. Prefix One, Andrae Melody Palmer - Shine Your Light (Main Mix)

8. RedSoul - Satisfy (Original Mix)

9. Aircut feat. Scarlette - Forever In Love (OskiDJ Soulful Remix)

10. Meital De Razon & Asi Tal - Caught Up (Steven Stone Remix) 

11. Soulbridge, Ms Lil - Got Me Feeling Free (Original Mix)



​#29beHappyfm House Chart July 2017  

1. Soul Pups, Phebe Edwards - Stand Up (Original Mix)
2. Danny Cruz, Tung - In My Head (Original Mix)
3. Max Marotto & DJ Fopp - We Got To Love (DJ Fopp Remix)
4. Levy Bensimon - Praise (Original Mix)
5. Antony Pollak - Nelson (Original Mix) 
6. Micky More, Andy Tee - Moody (Original Mix)
7. Soulbridge, Emma Diva - Sunshine (Original Mix)
8. Will Dawson Feat Duane Harden & Kathy Brown - All My Love (original mix)
9. Will Dawson, Shniece - Missing You (Original Mix)
10. Joey Negro - Must Be The Music (The Original Disco Mix)
11. Rhemi, Anna-Marie Johnson - Live Life Free (Original Mix)

beHappyfm House Chart June 2017  

1. Kim English, Mousse T. - Supernatural (Mousse T. Super Soul Mix)
2. Cafe 432, Sheree Hicks - Searching (Club Mix)
3. Livio Mode, Tommie Cotton - Magic Bassline (Original Mix)
4. Rebecca Scales - Mr Brian Power Presents Have You Ever (Vocal)
5. Marco Valery, Sharlene Hector, DJ Fopp - Free Love (Dj Fopp Remix)
6. Rescue - Round & Round (Original Mix)
7. Mr. Vasovski, Kincses, Angie Brown, ThomChris - Never Give Up (ThomChris SoulClub Instrumental)
8. Gianluca Pighi - Mango Parliament
9. Alex Millet - We're On Our Way Home (Instrumental) 
10. Cei Bei - Dance Tonight (C'on & Dance) (Luca Lala Main Instrumental Mix)

beHappyfm House Chart May 2017  

1. Wipe the Needle, Michael Procter -Eternal (Main Vocal Mix)
2. Kelvin Sylvester, Al Copeland, Dirty Harry - Come Over (Dirty Harry 12" Club Mix) 
3. Sean McCabe, Pete Simpson, Lem Springsteen - New World (Sean McCabe Dub Remix)
4. Knox, Dawn Soulovn Williams, Wozniak - Turn It Up (Knox & Wozniak Mix)
5. Minister Steve - Soulful Mix "Vocal"
6. Davide Fiorese, The Grimace, Natasha Watts - Humans (Original Mix)
7. Nicole Henry, D'Moov - For The Love Of You (Original)
8. Terry Lex, Cinnamon Brown - I Believe In Me (Original Mix)
9. Vittorio Santorelli feat. Cinnamon Brown - Eyes Wide (Original Mix) 
10. South Crew feat. Diviniti - Now I Know (Invincible) (Mannix House Vocal)

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